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Lemonette had been doing well enough since their launch into market but was ready to improve their branding and packaging design to further their growth and market reach even more. Jenn David Design partnered with Lemonette on this revamp, evolving their look to be fresh and modern, and make more of a visual and strategic impact on the shelf. The re-launch was a success, furthering their reach into new stores and taking Lemonette from a regional to a national brand. JDD continues to partner with Lemonette on launching of new products.

Our business has tripled, our sales have increased, and we went from a local brand to national

Jenn David Design transformed the look of our product entirely and breathed new life into our brand as a result. The new look is beautiful, classy, fresh, and modern look that we are still getting compliments on after all these years. We could not be happier with the work, and responses and deliverables have always been timely. Jenn worked with us to bring our vision to life and even created supplemental marketing materials that are stylistically consistent and aligned with our look. Since working with Jenn David Design, our business has tripled, our sales have increased, and we went from a local brand to national! We know, without a doubt, that their work elevated our brand and was a large part in our growth. Packaging is what lures in a prospective customer, especially when they are on the brink of discovering a new, unfamiliar brand. And Jenn David Design made sure our packaging is buttoned up, polished, and inviting!

Tenny A., Lemonette
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